Key features of GDC Trade

GDC Trade takes cryptocurrency trading to the next level. Members can integrate with exchanges to perform all buy/sell operations and flexibly manage orders and transactions using a single interface. GDC Trade members are given convenient access to a wide range of cryptocurrency trading opportunities.

Trade on Spot and Futures markets

GDC Trade enables members to trade on SPOT and Futures accounts. The interface will change slightly when users switch between accounts.

Members can make Smart and Grid Trades (more on this later) on both accounts. An exchanger tool is available on the SPOT account, enabling members to quickly exchange coins.

Integrate with leading exchanges

GDC Trade members can connect exchanges to their account at the registration stage and later via Settings.

Available exchanges include:

  • Binance
  • Binance Futures
  • Bybit
  • Huobi

For successful integration, members need to add a trading account to the cryptocurrency platform and create API keys.

Adding API keys is secure, as deposits and withdrawals can’t be initiated via API keys - the system can only make trades.

Make trading plans

Exchange-based exchanges don’t allow traders to act strategically - traders buy a coin, and when the price reaches a certain level, they have to sell it. It's impossible to create multiple buy orders and set global sell conditions simultaneously. GDC Trade effectively solves this dilemma.

GDC Trade allows traders to plan their operations flexibly, which guarantees future profits. Members simply need to analyze the market and set the parameters for a price increase or decrease.

GDC Trade members can make profitable Smart and Grid Trades during SPOT and Futures trading. Growing financial success is more likely if members follow several current market strategies.

Smart trades: Add correction levels to an average price

Using the Martingale method helps to minimise risk if the price moves in the other direction. Key principles include:

  • Setting one level that the price must fall to in order for traders to make a purchase
  • Adding correction levels to average the price and obtain a lower entry point on orders and trades
  • Specify take-profits (up to three per level) and consider the total coin volume at the levels below
  • Choose stop losses (standard or lossless option) to stay in the black

This approach works if traders are looking to develop an effective strategy for a particular cryptocurrency pair and secure their position in the SPOT market.

Grid Trade: Create a sequence of multiple orders

Buy coins automatically on one level and sell them on another by setting the conditions once in the ‘grid bot’:

  • Specify a coin's buy and sell price to set up the bot for a particular pair
  • Check Auto Restart and the next order will automatically open to buy at the chosen price
  • Save a coin or cache, keeping the difference from buy and sell transactions, and reinvest
  • Set the amount and divide by the desired number of periods to create cycles that work in parallel

This automation strategy enables quicker order placement as it’s based on the price movement in a given grid.

Track and analyze activity

GDC Trade gives traders easy access to their activity data. Members simply need to select the correct date in the calendar.

The dashboard feature displays in chart and table formats:

  • Total number of Trades
  • Turnover
  • Turnover figure
  • Win rate
  • Profit and loss (PnL)

Regularly reviewing and comparing these indicators in dynamics enables members to reach conclusions about the trading results and make informed decisions about any strategy.

Connect with professionals

Connecting with professional and experienced traders who have been successful in the market will help GDC Trade members:

  • Automate trading processes by copying trades from one account to another
  • Improve their strategy by accessing an expert trader's in-depth knowledge
  • Discover more about an unfamiliar market and make it easier to get started
  • Diversify risks by using data from several traders at the same time

Automatic trading means members can boost their chances of making a profit in the market - even with basic knowledge and preparation - and save valuable time on technical analysis.

Join our community

When traders register on the service they become full-fledged members of the GDC Trade community. As valued community members, traders can publish themed articles in the blog, receive comments from other users and evaluate other members’ materials.

Get bonuses

Our generous affiliate program means members receive 15% of every payment made by new users who sign up using a referral link.

Are you ready to create a profitable and secure environment for trading cryptocurrencies? GDC Trade is an effective and reliable tool to help you achieve your goals!