Referral center

GDC Trade takes the hard work out of trading with automated processes and offers attractive bonuses for new users. Members receive 15% cashback from each payment from crypto-investor referrals. Let's find out more about referrals and how to earn money via a referral link to GDC Trade…

Further details on referrals

A referral program generally enables valued participants to receive rewards for attracting new clients.

If a user has registered on the recommendation of another participant, they are known as a referral. Making a recommendation means sending a unique referral link which is connected to each member’s account.

Referrals at GDC Trade is a generous affiliate program with a discount for the first subscription and permanent bonuses of 15% cashback for the link owner.

GDC Trade’s Referrals section displays users who have registered using a referral link. Statuses can read as follows:

  • New - the subscription is not yet activated
  • Active - there is a valid subscription
  • Inactive - the subscription has not been renewed
  • Archived - the subscription has not been renewed for six months

If a subscription is reactivated, a user with an “archived” status will be excluded from the bonus program.

Terms of participation

Follow these four easy steps to earn money from referrals:

  • Register on the GDC Trade platform
  • Visit the 'Referrals' section
  • Create your referral link
  • Copy the link and send it to future platform users

New users must follow the referral link and complete their registration on GDC Trade. Details of members’ referrals will be displayed at the bottom of the table. Members can sort their invited participants by email, subscription date, plan, status and profits earned.

Why recommend GDC Trade?

  • Receive 15% of every payment your referral makes
  • Referrals also benefit from a discount on the first subscription
  • Traders benefit from integration with Binance, Binance Futures, Bybit, and Huobi exchanges. Work can also be optimized using the chart, with instant and 24-hour tracking of price movements, minimization of risks and portfolio increase, thanks to stop-loss, take-profit and other options

Plan your crypto trading strategy in advance and enjoy its automatic implementation in the GDC Trade system. Share your knowledge with others and receive a stable passive income!